It’s already week 5 of our Yes To God Blog Hop.  These past five weeks have been so far from ordinary, I can’t even explain it. It’s amazing how when you say “Yes” to God how things can change so little but so much at the same time.  New doors are opened that I never thought I would have even wanted to walk through.

This past weekend was Labor Day, which meant a much needed day off from work and school.  After sleeping late and having a nice home cooked breakfast our family decided to start doing some “fall cleaning” (most people do spring cleaning but I guess procrastination was with us for a few seasons).  What started in the garage led to the office, then some cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and then to the basement.  The basement is where we called it quits.  I realized how much stuff we needed to get rid of.  Apparently I have a little hoarding quality which I’m ashamed to admit.  I grew up in a time where we didn’t have much “stuff” so now that I’m married and have a job and am able to acquire my own (and my kids) “stuff” I think I have trouble letting it go.  But the purging of the stuff we don’t need was so therapeutic, I didn’t want to stop.


This got me to thinking about purging on the inside too. What kinds of things are we holding onto that we need to get rid of before we can get something new to replace it?  What is in our hearts that needs to be cleaned so that we can fill it with a fresh vision from God?  Unforgiveness, perhaps?  Maybe letting go of something that we are good at so that we can do what God has called us to do?

There seem to be some changes going on in our life.  I think God is calling us to do something that frankly scares me to no end.  A new beginning, something completely out of our comfort zone.  But it also excites me, I have dreams and visions and plans of how to do these new things.  I know that I’ve been down this road before and have gotten scared and ended up saying no to God.  This time it’s different.  This time I’m going to say yes!


6 thoughts on “#FreshVision

  1. So true, the fear of the unknown can paralyze us. Glad you are saying, yes. Your yes, will encourage others to say yes. I am with you, saying yes to the plans God has for my life. Blessings!

  2. It’s moments like this that I simply remember that God will never give us more than we can handle, and better yet, He will never leave our side. We are much stronger than we think because we have Him at our side!

  3. Ouch, you stepped right on my big unforgiveness toes. Guess I have some praying to do tonight. Definitely say yes this time! My yes is a big one too. Big and hard and one that is going to take a lot of forgiveness…..


  4. Indeed… Sure wish I didn’t have so much stuff for God to purge from my heart! Thanks for sharing your heart with us — great reminders!!

  5. Talk about hoarding !! I grew up in the WWII era and my Mother held on to everything because we “might need it”. And we often did. As she aged and the 6 of us kids left home, it was so hard for her to “get rid of stuff”. At that point, I told her, if she really needed anything I would be there for her. Years later, it was time to move from the home I’d lived in for 26 1/2 years. The heaps of stuff at the curb for trash day told the story of my hoarding. But my storage bin at my apartment was still jammed packed full. About 10 years later, I was putting things in storage as I left for teaching in Japan for what turned out to be 6 years. Again, piles given away, trashed and stored. Are you seeing a picture here? My husband is always after me about my “stuff”‘. I’ll admit that my closet has things I will probably never wear, but the job of purging seems too great. That’s not what he is complaining about. It’s the things I have for my crafts — scrapbooking, sewing, quilting, and reading. I can’t get rid of those things because then I would be bored with nothing to do in these retirement days. But there are bins in the shed that I should go through. The job seems too big and I procrastinate. I am my mother all over again. If I don’t get motivated to do something about these things I hold onto, my girls will have a terrible time. This has been a long response, but I am really working myself up by confessing, THAT I REALLY NEED TO GET BUSY — and the easiest place to start is my closet. Before I start on the next sewing project, it is time for fall closet cleaning. This time I WILL DO IT !!! Thanks for inspiring me to do it and to #stick with IT.

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